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Well, isn't this fun. I now see, or hear actually, that a friend feels I am making them out to be the bad guy in the housing situation at the Vixen Den. I had no such intention of having them feel this way, and I'm sorry that they do. I had asked repeatedly for an explanation of what had happened to some money, and a certain bill. I finally got an answer about the bill, but no clear explanation of where the cash went. Did it pay the bill? I have to assume so, as I don't know where else it would have gone. And no, I am NOT accussing this person of taking it either, so don't get that idea. I will admit, communication issues have probably been the cause of this entire mess. On all sides.

However, I do not appreciate being told that I broke a promise to anyone that I know I did not. It is not my fault that other friends decided for very good reasons not to buy the property. It is not their fault either that the person who was to sell their place is a fruitcake. It is also not my fault that Comcast screwed up my joint checking account. Nor is it my fault for not having bushels of cash available. I have been working as hard and as much as I can. Freight is low, and slow, and that means fewer miles for us drivers and less pay. This week I finally got two good loads. But it's too late now. With the Vixen Den property for sale, there is little chance we can stay there much longer. And for financial reasons, this is probably for the best for Spectra and myself. I know it leaves two others in a bad situation for their own housing, but, and this is a big but, I never promised anyone a long term housing situation there. One was until the place was bought, then they were to move in with the other couple, and the other was for an indefinite time period. I'm sorry if I fucked it all up. I seem to be good at that.... or is it just in my head?

Samii, I still want to be friends. You have strained that friendship with the emails and voice post from last night and today... but I forgive you.

Dartanian, I'm sorry you feel like you are being pushed out. You're not. But I said what I did last night to make you aware of the situation. For your own good, I think.

Spectra and I have a working plan of sorts on where we will end up. How and when is yet to be decided.

Thanks to the other two friends, one in IL and one in VA, who offered a place to stay. I think for now, a reasonable temporary situation has been found for us.

Heading out east from San Antonio now... hope to make it to Baton Rouge, LA area this evening.


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