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My dear friend, [ profile] gentle_gamer made a post on one of the Transgender LJ groups we are both on that has really gotten me thinking this morning. She was talking about how people perceive others and themselves in gender roles. It was quite a good post. Here is what I replied to her:

"""Hon, as time goes on, I'm starting to feel more and more as you state here. A year ago, I was dead set on having SRS as soon as possible. Time passes, hormones work on the mind, and the mind itself thinks things through (say that 5 times fast) even when we aren't actively thinking of things. I'm finding out that even though I identify much more with the female end of things than the male, I am happy at heart being Susan, and being with my dear Brianna [ profile] spectrafox. Of course, we are both poly too, and have or want more relationships, but that doesn't apply to how I feel about the gender spectrum. Will I ever have SRS? Probably, as I want to be sexually active as a genetic female does. Do I enjoy such things with the way I am now? Yes, very much so, when the opportunity arises. (No pun intended) Would I be happier having SRS against not having it? I don't know. More time must pass, more thinking must be done. And more experiences must be had. But I do know that we, as in those who choose to portray themselves in this world as "female" face an uphill battle in so many ways. In my line of work, profession truck driving, women are in the minority by far, and face so much discrimination and bigotry from other drivers, customers, and even companies. I am so sick of us being referred to as "Cum Depositories, Lot Lizards, Lazy Fat Bitches, Sluts" and so on. It makes me sick... yet these so called "Gentlemen" think nothing wrong of it. I feel sad for their own wifes, girlfriends, or SO's. Or maybe that's the way all men are? I don't mean to start a big mess of a discussion here, nor am I flaming anyone.... but until you've been here and seen and heard what I deal with daily, I think the rest of you are lucky. I'm a Susan, who happens to be a truck driver.... to sort of quote a poster here. And I'm glad I am who I am, and what I am. I am me. And that is good enough."""

And this is so true. In all aspects of life, we are judged almost the moment we are first seen as either Male or Female. Why? Are we so ingrained as a society to do this? Is there no other choice available? As Joyce stated in her post, she, and I, are so sickened by there only being two choices available for genders. Why does gender even matter on forms and such, and in common areas, such as restrooms, etc.? I may be stupid, but I don't see why it is this way, except for the fact that this is how it's always been. And I find it totally rediculous at most times. Now, maybe some don't feel safe using a gender neutral restroom, maybe some seem to feel more comfort in being defined as one gender or the other, and that is their right. But what about those of us who cross the lines between genders? What about those who identify as GenderQueer, Androgynous, BoiGrrls, GrrlBois, etc? Don't we count too? I'm not ranting here, just trying to get my point across. There is far too much emphasis in society today, especially in some of the lesser developed countries, such as the middle and far east, placed on gender. My opinions here, reply with your thoughts if you will.


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