Sep. 17th, 2017 10:35 am
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So we made it through Irma. The power went out Monday morning at 12:20 and we ran on generators until Thursday evening. The big one could be fired up to run the well pump and the little one handled the house. Fans and lights, no AC, we could still run the coffee maker, microwave, etc, just be careful not to do it all at once. We had some branches down, and a little damage to the rear deck roof but that was it.

Until the wind gusts finally made our radio tower rock so much it pulled two anchors out of the ground and toppled over. So no more internets.
Fox tracked down some replacement sections - they're rohn 20 which is lighter than the rohn 25 most of the tower is built from, but we put them at the very top. The main difference is the 25 will allow you to build a 400 foot tower, while the 20 will "only" get you a 200 foot tower. As our is just 110 feet it isn't a big deal either way. But we borrowed a jin pole (a very simple crane-type tool) and it took us a day and a half but we got it rebuilt.

Fox did the worst of the work on the tower, guiding the pieces into place and bolting everything on. I was Johnny On The Spot on the ground, sending supplies up by pulley, and using the tractor to lift the sections up to him. Each one is about forty pounds, which I can lift, but I could not repeatedly haul that far up in the air reliably.

Fox is currently out buying supplies to start mounting the weather-proof boxes for all the electrical components and switches 'n shit. The tower only has our internet radio on it right now, we'll get the rest of the receivers and antennae and all that good stuff up later.

The 10k trail run I signed up for next week is still on! They emailed me and everything is still go. The 5k beach run, which Fox is doing, is the same, but the 10k has been rerouted due to hurricane damage. They're happening on Anastasia Island, off St. Augustine and in the state park. I was sort of hoping the routes would be the same for a while at least, so he and I could run together, but now I don't know where we're all going. More reason to put some speed on and get across the finish line faster! Plus we're considering an IHOP run afterwards, because breakfast is awesome.

Anyway, it's nice to be back in the 21st century.

I'm doing a 14-mile long run today on the treadmill. If I'd gotten up and out around five I could have done it outside, but I don't have a can of mace yet. I'll be picking that up this week, along with a small cooler to make my own water stop. I'm planning for long runs to just circle Villa Nueva/315/Traiwick multiple times, instead of out and back. That way I can leave a cooler of water and energy gels stashed at the beginning of the loop and I'm not trying to carry all that stuff with me. And between stress eating, not getting a lot of sleep, and being unable to get out and exercise, I put on almost five pounds. Meh. Not the worst weight setback but annoying.

Middleburg actually had some significant flooding - Black Creek backed up and came across Blanding Boulevard, and up into some of the parking lots. A lot of the businesses and buildings in that particular area are built on hills, apparently in case of flooding like this. It's dried out now, but Black Creek is still very high. I'm heading back out Tuesday like normal but I don't plan to go much of anywhere except my "usual" errand stops. That is, I'm not going all the way out to Jacksonville, though I may go up to Jo-Ann's to see what Halloween junk they have.

I'll get back on here later and catch up, but hopefully you and yours got through the storm all right! I'm going to suit up and get my ass on the treadmill. Miles don't run themselves. It would be weird if they did.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Sep. 9th, 2017 08:07 pm
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Well, Irma isn't quite here yet. I'm winding down to bed, a little tired and generally annoyed & frustrated because I hate this part. Waiting on the storm after you've done all your prep. I know - it could be a lot worse! But honestly this grinds on my nerves. Just bring it on and let's do this. I'm as prepared as I ever will be.
In non-hurricane news, I'm supposed to be starting Dopey Challenge training this week. If the power stays on I'll get a 13 mile run in tomorrow. If not I'll try to adjust the schedule so I don't lose too much, but this early on I don't think it will hurt me. I finally bought some new running shoes - Mizuno Hayate trail shoes! I love the structure of these, and they really support the way my feet roll out. I forget if that is underpronating or overpronating. But I tend to roll to the outer edge of  my feet when I run, and the Mizunos have a dense, hard outer shell that a lot of people hated, but I am finding works well for me. They're not hard like, say, tactical boots, but they're a lot more structured than most running shoes. And they're  still pretty light weight.
So tomorrow and Monday we'll just be waiting out the weather. I'll probably read or sketch. Fox will nap if he can, and once the weather clears he may run the generator so he can play games. I'd like to nap but I doubt my anxiety will allow it. I know I won't see Baby Sheba - she's terrified of storms. The other cats will pile up on humans. Crowley's been a bit standoffish with the weather and I'm sure he smells stinky human stress pheromones, but he still wants cuddles. He is sleeping on me at night a lot more.
Zox offered an F&F strap!!!!1!111!! But it was if you donated to the Red Cross or Salvation Army for Houston. Don't get me wrong, Houston, I love you and I'll help out however I can - but with local or regional orgs, and not that bunch of buffoons at the RC or those bigots at the SA. The Bros have their hearts in the right place, but it'll take more than a rare strap to induce me to throw good money at bad, bad organizations. Seriously? If you want to help hurricane ravaged areas, give locally. People on the ground there, or organizations that cater specifically to the areas affected will do way more than an unwieldy international group. NOT SAYING TO DONATE TO ME but here's an example - I worked at a low income housing complex during Katrina, and then Gustav and Ike. I was able to take donations personally and buy linens, clothes, and toys for the displaced families in the housing complex I managed. If you happen to know folks in those areas you may know people who can give a lot of bang for your buck. Also I was not about to dip into the VIP group and point this out - not worth the fight.
F&F is Friends and Family - it's a rare strap that's usually gifted to people who do good deeds in their communities and you can't predict who'll get one. It's a bold XOXOXO pattern that's pretty damn awesome. And I think I'd rather get mine some other way.
I'm so scattered with the anxiety. All I do is fritter away time online, waiting. Honestly I sort of hope my tablet dies entirely, as I tend to waste time on it, even as I'm thinking I should go read/draw/make something. I made a lot of progress on Prairie lately, though. I made strings of beads to hang on it and for two days I had cats pulling the bead mat off my table, and running off with the string.
Anyway, I'll try to check in again as we have power and internets, and you all stay safe.

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Sep. 8th, 2017 09:39 am
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I am heading on to bed, a bit earlier than usual but I'm extremely tired tonight.
We're all prepped up here and waiting on Irma (irma gerd!!!) but we have food, gas, all the usual good stuff. Our part of the county is not under an evacuation order either. Actually the way the interstates are backing up they're asking people who are not under evac not to leave. 
I'll post a little more extensively tomorrow morning, but I wanted to let you all know what's up here. 
Also Goat Simulator is hilarious. I blew up a gas station. BOOM BISHES


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